Making floorcloths at Hen & Chicks

Making floorcloths at Hen & Chicks studio

Making a floorcloth with a roller, stamp, printing, etc.

These photos are from the floorcloth workshop at Hen & Chicks Studio this past Saturday. The painted canvas can not only make a floorcloth but also pillows, placemats, chair covers, table runners, journal covers, etc. We apply a base coat, mark the hem and sew, begin second background or layering (by masking out, stencils, stamps, sponges, direct brush work, wet-in-wet techniques to name a few), and have fun experimenting. Finally a protective coating is applied and a rubber backing is sewn on the back to prevent slipping.

The workshop has inspired me to add a splash of color in my home! My next project is to make canvas slip covers for my small sofa and chair using this process. You can find more pictures from the workshop on Heidi’s blog:

It is always a pleasure to stop by Hen & Chicks, check on the door room dividers I painted and see what creative projects are going on, maybe even spend the night.

Dorothy's floorcloth at the Hen & Chicks workshop

Dorothy showing off her floorcloth, using stamps and sealed with Polycrylic®, a clear protective water-based finish

Heidi's floorcloth at Hen & Chicks workshop

Hen & Chicks owner Heidi showing off her floorcloth, using sketches from her Art Journal

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Painting at The Center

Watercolor and Drawing class at The Center, Iowa City, Iowa

Class members at The Center and their artwork

Here’s my winter Watercolor and Drawing class at The Center in Iowa City, admiring their work on the 8th week. Several of them were taking a painting class for the first time, and they were amazed looking at the progress in each other’s work.

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IWS newsletter; France in the future

Cover of Iowa Watercolor Society newsletter with artwork by Ken Harskamp

Iowa Watercolor Society
Winter 2013–2014 newsletter
(cover art by Ken Harskamp;
click image to visit IWS website)

The Iowa Watercolor Society’s Winter 2013–2014 newsletter includes an item about my Assisi pilgrimage and paintings, along with other watercolorists’ artwork, ideas, and articles on technique, and news about IWS events. You can download a copy from the Newsletters page of the IWS website.

As the newsletter mentions, I’m planning a trip to Rouen, France later this year (update: mid-September to mid-October 2014), to immerse myself in the culture and to paint. I’d like to have a few people join me for about 10 days during that time, to paint en plein air at nearby sites, including the Rouen Cathedral. Send me an email ( if you’re interested!

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3D journal making

Journal makers working at table filled with art supplies

Six journal makers joined in

These photos are from a recent journal-making workshop in a private home, where we used an artful meditation process to create 8-page pop-up journals on “Painting the Inward Journey.” We focused on our Treasure, Daring the dark (Sister Moon), Creativity meditation (with Brother Sun), and our Transformation into the light.

Even though I was leading the journal making, what a gift they all were to me as I learned how to celebrate our oneness. I could feel the Spirit move through these delightful people.

3D page from a journal

A page out of a meditation journal

Journal makers working with 3D elements

Getting into the 3D!

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San Rufino

Cathedral of San Rufino, watercolor painting by Jo Myers-Walker

Cathedral of San Rufino in Assisi

Another scene from the trip to Assisi — this painting shows us outside the Cathedral of San Rufino, where Francis and Clare and several other Brothers were baptized. This was the only baptismal font in Assisi until 1924. I was baptized while we were there, as were all the Pilgrims in our group; it was very meaningful for me as sort of a new beginning in my spiritual life.

Clare’s family may have lived next door to the cathedral, on the left. She worshiped there and heard Francis preach, and on Palm Sunday of 1212 she was inspired to leave home and journey to Porziuncola where she dedicated herself to a religious life.

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Packing up the Christmas tree

My Christmas tree this year was made from painted slumped acrylic, shown below left with some of the crèche figures. St. Francis is credited with starting the tradition of the Nativity scene in Europe, portraying the birth of Jesus Christ using living people and animals for the first time in western Christianity. In 1223 he had the people of Greccio, Italy come up the mountain to a cave, carrying torches to light the way, to see the manger scene illustrating Jesus’s birth while Francis preached.

Below right, the evergreen tree is going back into the Christmas bag to come out next time with more animals I hope.

Slumped-acrylic Christmas tree and Nativity scene

Christmas tree and crèche before Jesus arrived (I gave some of the animals to my grandchildren)

Acrylic figures loading tree into bag for storage

The crèche figures lend a hand in packing up the Christmas tree into the bag

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Opening in Maquoketa

Jo Myers-Walker and Louise O'Donnell

With Louise O’Donnell
at the Maquoketa Art Experience

It was a cold wintry night on December 13th for the Artist Opening of my show with Louise O’Donnell at the Maquoketa Art Experience. Thanks to David Voy for this photo — you can visit David’s blog for more photos and a video walk-through of the exhibit (update: January 11 was the last day of the exhibit).

Artist Rose Frantzen, a cousin of Louise, came to the opening and afterward we visited her studio in a high-ceilinged old building with artwork all around. She was working on a beautiful large canvas, and I was so inspired to go home and start work on a full sheet!

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December 2013 Newsletter

Mount La Verna

Mount La Verna
(click image to download PDF newsletter)

Click the link below to view or download:
In this edition:
  • Thoughts on moving to Iowa City, and my Franciscan “journey” — the spiritual one, and a pilgrimage to Assisi
  • Photos and paintings around Assisi
  • This year’s Christmas painting
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Tau easel

Olivewood easel from Assisi

Easel with tau symbol

This is my easel I bought in Assisi, made of olive wood with a beautiful grain. Note the tau (T-shape) in the middle — the “Tau Cross,” named after the Greek letter, was adopted by St. Francis as a personal symbol. So when I paint, Francis is helping me out.

(You can find out more at the Wikipedia article for Tau Cross.)

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A narrow path

One of the narrow streets of Assisi, Italy

A street in Assisi

Earlier this month I got back from a Franciscan Pilgrimage to Assisi, Italy, and one of my hotels was around the corner from this street. We did a great deal of walking to historic sites in the area. Originally built in ancient Roman times, the streets are very narrow by today’s standards but you still had to watch for little cars! When the roads were first built the street level was 7 feet lower that it is now. In several churches they had clear floors so you could see down to the original foundation.

I’ll share more pictures of Assisi and thoughts about my Franciscan “journey” in an upcoming newsletter.

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