Rainy day on Linn Street

Partially completed watercolor painting of Linn St. in the rain by Jo Myers-Walker

Linn Street painting in progress

Completed watercolor painting of Linn Street by Jo Myers-Walker

Completed watercolor of Linn Street in the rain

This is a watercolor of Linn Street with me walking home from Newman Center after church in the light rain. There are always folks on bikes and walkers, and cars. This is my “back yard”; I get my ideas from daily walks and observing Downtown Iowa City energy. Many of the figures in my watercolors are on Herky’s Community.

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Preparing for the festival

Watercolor painting of Linn St. in Iowa City, by Jo Myers-Walker

Looking down Linn St. —
you can see the steeple of St. Mary’s

Watercolor painting of Iowa City alleyway by Jo Myers-Walker

“Our” alley, with us in it!

I’ve been busy painting more Iowa City scenes, getting ready for the Iowa Arts Festival.

Update: the 2014 Festival is now over — “thank you” to everyone who stopped by! The Iowa City Press-Citizen has some photos from the Carnaval parade.

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Secrets unveiled

Herky on Parade 2 statue painted by Jo Myers-Walker, being unveiled

Unveiling “Herky’s Community” – someone took some of the plastic off the night before, probably looking for themselves in the paintings!

Monday was the great unveiling for “Herky on Parade 2,” a public art project that placed 84 uniquely-decorated statues of Herky the Hawk (University of Iowa mascot) around Iowa City, Coralville, and North Liberty. You can find the Herky that I painted, “Herky’s Community,” at Iowa Ave. and Clinton St. in downtown Iowa City, across from Old Capitol (update: the Herkys are being removed from the streets starting August 26, 2014). Many thanks to the sponsors of “Herky’s Community”: the Iowa City Downtown District, and the City of Iowa City!

Herky is more than six feet tall and could not fit in my apartment, so United Action for Youth allowed me to paint the statue in their Art Space. I drew landmark businesses in the Downtown District and a variety of Iowa City folk, showing the diversity of downtown. I’ve included working people, students, elderly, children playing, homeless, musicians, bicyclists and all the people that make up the Iowa City landscape. I wanted Herky to connect not only to the University, but also to the larger community of Iowa City. After all, they’re all intertwined.

I used acrylic and latex paint and paint markers to gain some of the vibrancy of watercolor technique, but focus more on the drawn images, detail in the faces, and the actions of the people. It was a delight to have people find themselves on Herky. One gentleman told me it may be the only time he would be commemorated in his life, which was very touching and just what I wanted — to honor all in Herky’s Community.

The statues are on public display through August 25, 2014. You can find maps and pictures of all of them on the Herky on Parade 2 website – there are 23 Herkies just downtown!

Herky on Parade 2 statue painted by Jo Myers-Walker, shown in progress

Herky in progress –
his shoes are buses

Herky on Parade 2 statue painted by Jo Myers-Walker, being hugged

Daughter Shelby and me,
hugging Herky

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Iowa City scenes

In-progress watercolor painting of the Iowa River at Iowa City by Jo Myers-Walker

Iowa River – first wash over masking tape resist, cool dominance, salt resist in distance (new buds).

Finished watercolor painting of Iowa River scene by Jo Myers-Walker

Finished Iowa River scene in Iowa City.
Spring has arrived!

These are some scenes around Iowa City. I’m painting what I see around me on a daily basis, and planning a workshop for July 17 to get together and paint “on location” around the Senior Center. (Update: the workshop is past. Keep an eye on the Classes and Events page for future happenings!)

Watercolor painting of Iowa City alleyway by Jo Myers-Walker

On my way to Orange Leaf, looking forward to coffee yogurt. I am fascinated with the alley shapes – the old with the new wiring, renovation addons.

Watercolor painting of neighborhood scene by Jo Myers-Walker

My finished street scene from watercolor class.
I added children’s figures for composition and neighborhood feel.

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Peace Pole

Peace Pole decorated by Linda White and Jo Myers-Walker

Linda White and me with Peace Pole

Linda White and I painted Peace Poles Saturday afternoon before Easter Vigil at St. Thomas Aquinas Church. It was a lovely peaceful experience, except when we caught the Peace Pole in the tree. We used PVC pipe, spray paint, acrylics, stencils and Linda’s beautiful lettering.

(Now what to have coming from the top?)

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Painting the neighborhood

These paintings are from last week’s Watercolor and Drawing class at the Senior Center. This was the sixth day for the Thursday morning class, and the class felt confident that they were on their way to a pretty good painting. Their work shows strong values and composition.

Watercolor painting of trees by Jo Myers-Walker

My painting of trees at the Senior Center to demonstrate layering and value

Paintings by watercolor class at The Center

Our work “in progress” with underpainting a neighborhood scene, echoing colors, dark against light, and variety of values and greens

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E.T. Art Club

Ecumenical Towers Art Club

Fabric painting at Ecumenical Towers

Here’s the Ecumenical Towers Art Club painting on fabric to make pillows or wall hangings. Some members didn’t own a sewing machine to finish their pillows, so the others offered to sew for them.

We’ve been building community through art including painting, jewelry making, mixed media, journals, poems and music.

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Making floorcloths at Hen & Chicks

Making floorcloths at Hen & Chicks studio

Making a floorcloth with a roller, stamp, printing, etc.

These photos are from the floorcloth workshop at Hen & Chicks Studio this past Saturday. The painted canvas can not only make a floorcloth but also pillows, placemats, chair covers, table runners, journal covers, etc. We apply a base coat, mark the hem and sew, begin second background or layering (by masking out, stencils, stamps, sponges, direct brush work, wet-in-wet techniques to name a few), and have fun experimenting. Finally a protective coating is applied and a rubber backing is sewn on the back to prevent slipping.

The workshop has inspired me to add a splash of color in my home! My next project is to make canvas slip covers for my small sofa and chair using this process. You can find more pictures from the workshop on Heidi’s blog:

It is always a pleasure to stop by Hen & Chicks, check on the door room dividers I painted and see what creative projects are going on, maybe even spend the night.

Dorothy's floorcloth at the Hen & Chicks workshop

Dorothy showing off her floorcloth, using stamps and sealed with Polycrylic®, a clear protective water-based finish

Heidi's floorcloth at Hen & Chicks workshop

Hen & Chicks owner Heidi showing off her floorcloth, using sketches from her Art Journal

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Painting at The Center

Watercolor and Drawing class at The Center, Iowa City, Iowa

Class members at The Center and their artwork

Here’s my winter Watercolor and Drawing class at The Center in Iowa City, admiring their work on the 8th week. Several of them were taking a painting class for the first time, and they were amazed looking at the progress in each other’s work.

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IWS newsletter; France in the future

Cover of Iowa Watercolor Society newsletter with artwork by Ken Harskamp

Iowa Watercolor Society
Winter 2013–2014 newsletter
(cover art by Ken Harskamp;
click image to visit IWS website)

The Iowa Watercolor Society’s Winter 2013–2014 newsletter includes an item about my Assisi pilgrimage and paintings, along with other watercolorists’ artwork, ideas, and articles on technique, and news about IWS events. You can download a copy from the Newsletters page of the IWS website.

As the newsletter mentions, I’m planning a trip to Rouen, France later this year, to immerse myself in the culture and to paint. I’d like to have a few people join me for about 10 days during that time, to paint en plein air at nearby sites, including the Rouen Cathedral. Send me an email (jomyerswalker@gmail.com) if you’re interested!

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