Plein air in June

Fellow path pedestrians watch Jo Myers-Walker sketching in Iowa City

On location with my walker

Artists sketching en plein air along Iowa City path

Artists sketching along the path

A group of us got together to sketch en plein air in Iowa City, following along a walking/biking path through the east side area. We could see from the path into the back yards as neighbors were gardening. I gave the others a viewfinder with these directions:

“Sketching” is a grace filled moment, a time to see the natural world that surrounds us. We see the birds, the plants, and even the stones as they come alive to tell stories and memories, reminding us who we are and what we value. Note everything is not perfect; there is a crack in everything, and that is how the light gets in* to illuminate the beauty. This is how we learn to truly see and be in the moment, letting the daily care be set aside for a bit.

My knees have been affecting my mobility so I am using my walker as a sketching surface. It is great as I can wheel around carrying sketchbook, a little paint, brush, and water in the seat and then stop wherever to draw/paint.

* (From lyrics by Leonard Cohen, and an earlier quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Plein air drawing and painting in Iowa City

My walker as easel

Watercolor sketchbook and written reflections

Sketchbook and thoughts on plein air

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Window on the world

Detail of watercolor Iowa City street scene by Jo Myers-Walker

Detail with “bird man” on the
sidewalk in white coat

When I’m at home I do my morning meditation at the window. It is so peaceful and a great way to get in touch with nature from the 11th floor, where I see the snow, rain and birds, helicopters, planes, people working on the rooftops or entertaining, students walking/ talking/ arguing.

This past winter I often saw the “bird man” who came out in a white coat and whistled for the birds who flew down for their feeding. I painted him and the birds into this view of the city from my window.

Photo and watercolor of street in Iowa City seen from above, by Jo Myers-Walker

Window view, in photo and watercolor

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The “Coverdale Art Institute”

Artists painting at a watercolor workshop facilitated by Jo Myers-Walker

Painting with the group  (photos courtesy of Mike Coverdale)

These photos are from our retreat at the Coverdales’ farm home earlier this month. The “Coverdale Art Institute” all started with Mike giving Judy a Christmas present of painting with me for a day. Their home was a retreat for me out in the country, and we had such a fun time we decided to try it as a location for workshops.

Artists at a watercolor workshop show their work

Students worked from my painting “Summer,” shown at bottom right  (photos courtesy of Mike Coverdale)

This workshop started by painting watercolor techniques on a pop-up card, something to remind the painter of the lessons taught. St. Francis came along with us and became a swish of paint in many colors to demonstrate value, keeping it simple. Then we were ready to paint from one of my paintings (“Summer”) and I showed them how to start with a loose and juicy background and coming forward with the farm house and more detail. By then we were laughing about the farmers and chickens, having fun.

Artist showing watercolor painting of trees; a tree's shape suggests a dragon

Left:  Painting from nature  (photo courtesy of Mike Coverdale)
Right:  We saw a dragon in the shape of this tree  (photo courtesy of Bonnie Dix)

One of the artists painted some trees from looking out the window, so we all decided to get up and go outside to study subjects to paint in May when the buds will be on the trees with the far-away farm up the hill.

Followup:  We had such a positive response that we had two more retreat days, one in May and one in July. Many thanks to everyone who participated!

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Scenes around the city

Street scene in front of Prairie Lights Books in Iowa City, watercolor painting by Jo Myers-Walker

I painted this for the couple on the left,
shown walking to one of their favorite places,
Prairie Lights Books.

Watercolor painting of skywalk on Dubuque Street in Iowa City by artist Jo Myers-Walker

I walk by this skywalk all the time on the way to church; there is always a student in there studying.
(”Skywalk on Dubuque Street,” 22″ h x 30″ w)

Cute little dog next to shower curtain digitally printed with watercolor street scene by Jo Myers-Walker

My daughter’s dog Bella, with their shower curtain showing a Linn Street scene.

Watercolor painting of the Johnson County Courthouse in Iowa City, Iowa, by artist Jo Myers-Walker

Johnson County (Iowa) Courthouse in Iowa City, commissioned for a retirement gift.

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Our Lady of the Prairie

Evening view from Our Lady of the Prairie retreat house

Evening view from Our Lady of the
Prairie retreat house

Watercolor journal and paintings inspired by nature

Artwork from Our Lady of the Prairie workshop, Sister Moon and Brother Sun focusing on care of the earth

I traveled to Our Lady of the Prairie Retreat near Wheatland, Iowa to facilitate a workshop on Contemplative Prayer in Watercolor, as part of a Winter Sabbatical for Religious Sisters. It was a restful day of painting and writing in our journals using contemplative creative images. We took the risk to be vulnerable to the challenge of not knowing what to do next, just seeing what God sees. We had the humility to be an instrument of God’s design and it freed the Spirit of Creation to move through our humanity. It is called the “flow” and we discover glimpses of who God is in the freedom of the unburdened watercolors of goodness, truth and beauty. The Sisters were on Sabbatical from the United States, Canada and Australia.

Our Lady of the Prairie Retreat is a ministry of the Congregation of the Humility of Mary and is located in rural east central Iowa on a 200-acre native grass prairie woodland along the Wapsipinicon River.” Its grounds include trails and a labyrinth for walking meditation.

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Retreat day out in the country

Judy Coverdale and Jo Myers-Walker with their watercolor paintings at the Coverdales' farm home

(Photo courtesy of Mike Coverdale)

When I was in central Iowa recently, I was seeing my daughter’s family but also teaching at the farm home of Judy and Mike Coverdale. Judy and I spent two days painting and we came up with the idea to offer watercolor retreats at their home near Nevada, Iowa.

The Coverdales have a beautiful setting to paint, out in the country with a creek, trees and gardens. We can focus a bit on drawing and composition and move into painting. Bring along your ideas and photos and we will help you paint them.

Followup:  We had such a positive response that we had retreat days in March, May, and July. Many thanks to everyone who participated!

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Eastside art

Artist Jo Myers-Walker with shower curtain digitally printed with her watercolor art

Demonstrating the shower
curtain in action

Artist Jo Myers-Walker with slumped-acrylic sculpture of a shoe

With a shoe sculpture

I continue to meet more of the arts community in Iowa City as it is thriving here. In December I was pleased with the turnout at the Eastside Artists Annual Show and Sale (shown above). Besides my shower curtains and pillows, I had some slumped-acrylic sculptures and wrapped horses — I wanted to use up my supplies and had been meaning to do these little projects for the show. Would you believe I have saved these small plastic horses for 25 years, only to still be inspired to cover them with bright fabric and fine wire and wear them on my coat.

Slumped-acrylic sculpture of chicken and fabric-wrapped horse figure by Jo Myers-Walker

Colorful chicken and fancy wrapped horse

Plastic toy horses with one fabric-wrapped horse figure by Jo Myers-Walker

The rest of the horses are raring to go

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My debut on the big screen

Jo Myers-Walker and class members at the last watercolor workshop of the season

Last class lunch and paint

I have wanted to replace the overhead demonstration mirror I was using for class members to watch me paint. The class had helped me move it back and forth from my apartment to the Senior Center, and we were quite a parade getting 8′ long two-by-fours on the elevators and a 4′ by 5′ mirror. Plus, it was limited in the number of people who could get a good angle to see the demonstrations.

Not wanting to purchase fancy equipment. I did what I always do — improvise using what I have on hand! I bungee corded my laptop to a chair and used the camera to show my watercolor demonstrations on the big screen. It is sorta fun with me the computer wiz, getting control of that thing for a bit. The class loved it and are signing up for next session. They learn more by watching me and repeating the technique shortly after.

My new series of Monday Watercolor Workshops starts January 9th at The Center, and runs twice a month through April. You can register online or see The Center’s Spring 2017 Program Guide (PDF) for more information.

Jo Myers-Walker demonstrates watercolor techniques using an improvised video setup

My demonstration on the big screen

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Liturgical dance

Liturgical dancers at a service during the 2016 Call to Action Conference

Photo courtesy of Joanne Shaffer

I participated in liturgical dance as part of this year’s Call to Action Conference, fun stuff. Albuquerque was amazing, it was a great time to be there.

St. Thomas of Canterbury Episcopal Church has some videos of the dancing posted on their website. I am usually in the back row — it was really fun and moving, but I was the only one with no experience! I could still dance at an elevation over 5000 feet, even after my surgery 10 months ago for a tumor on my IT band. It was a dance celebration of my health.

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Completed quilts of encouragement

Three colorful small quilts made from quilt squares painted with empowering phrases and designs

These are quilt squares painted with empowering messages by workshop participants
in Dubuque, sewn into completed lap quilts for young people in crisis centers.
(See previously:  Quilt squares with a message)

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