About Me

Jo Myers-Walker

Jo Myers-Walker (portrait by Ngaire West Johnson)

I’ve been an artist and art teacher for more than 40 years, working with people of all ages. Although I’m mostly into watercolors, I’m always exploring new techniques and materials. For me the most joy of creating something is in the process of dreaming it up and figuring out how to actualize it. In 2013 I sold my studio building in Gilbert, Iowa, and moved to Iowa City, giving me the freedom to paint, live simply, go “on tour,” and be of service. I try to encourage others to have the courage to risk and live creatively.

My classes and workshops take a gentle approach. They all involve real artistic technique, and also some element of the “inward journey.” In everyday life we get so caught up in details, so we take time to learn to be silent, listen, and allow the Spirit to work. Not only does this promote relaxation and renewal, it also improves the artwork! By telling their story through art, people often create beautiful things that they never thought they could.

I teach painting classes at the Iowa City/Johnson County Senior Center and a variety of other locations. You can find scheduled classes and workshops on the Classes and Events page, and more thoughts on art and healing on the Tomato Bisque Soup Club page. Follow my blog to see what I’ve been doing lately!

Education and Affiliations

Where are they now?
The little bank building at 125 Main St., Gilbert, IA
The historic 1900 bank building still lives at the corner of Main St. and 1st St. in downtown Gilbert, Iowa, where it was home to The Left Bank Studio for ten years. New owner Tina Rice has exciting plans for the little bank, and I’m thrilled to pass on the baton (or the paintbrush) to her! You can see what’s going on in Gilbert at the Facebook page for Tina’s shop, PIXI.
Dessert served on a slumped-acrylic shoe
The “shoes” have walked off to serve dessert in numerous households.
Stylish slumped-acrylic sitter
The fashionista “sitters” are bringing their style to offices and homes, holding court on top of computers, bookshelves, even birthday cakes, helping themselves to the frosting.
Tree of Hope, shown in the front room of the former Left Bank Studio
The Tree of Hope found the perfect gig at Party Time rentals where it can make all kinds of celebrating people happy.