Going to Gilbert?

US Highway 69 symbol

Part of U.S. Hwy. 69 that goes past Gilbert was closed during summer 2012, but is now open

Update 2013: I’ve sold the little bank in Gilbert, and now I’m based in Iowa City. Check out my blog to see what I’m doing these days!)

Update August 23, 2012: US Highway 69 is now open for you to get to Gilbert from either north or south, and it looks like the resurfacing project has been completed! I’m keeping these instructions posted for the G.W. Carver Ave. alternative route, since it’s such a nice drive.

* * * * *

If you’re going to Gilbert from Ames, you can take G.W. Carver Ave. north instead – it’s a scenic drive and actually could be shorter, since it comes out closer to Gilbert at Co. Rd. E23.

If you go west on Bloomington Rd. to the west side of Ames, Bloomington turns into G.W. Carver Ave. and curves north. Then (from the Gilbert Gazette): “Follow Carver (R50) about three miles north to the stop sign and turn right onto E23. Travel a half mile east. Once in Gilbert, E23 becomes Mathews Drive. Turn left just before the railroad crossing onto Main Street.”

If you’re heading from a different direction, or just like to see things on a map first, you can find Gilbert on Google Maps.

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