Bird angel and emerging artists

Bird angel by Jo Myers-Walker

Bird angel

Last Saturday morning was rainy for the Ames Main Street Farmers’ Market. I demonstrated painting a bird (like the one pictured) and it rained on the bird! Instead of salt for special effects, I had raindrops.

That afternoon in Gilbert we opened the new exhibit of artwork (some pictured below) by this summer’s drawing and painting class members. We nibbled some wonderful cheeses brought by Rae, and showed visitors our sketchbooks so they could see how we worked. The display will be at the Studio through September 8 (this special display has now ended).

Anyone who came in could try drawing things upside-down. They were amazed they could do it!

Drawing and painting by Bonnie Dix

Drawing and Painting on the Right Side of the Brain – works by emerging artist Bonnie Dix

Artwork by Kelley Sutton and Sharon Morrical

Artwork everywhere! Works by emerging artists Kelley Sutton and Sharon Morrical

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