A new outlook

My second cataract surgery went very well, too! This time I didn’t use the drugs they gave me the first time to help me relax. Being an observer, as an artist I’m very curious and wanted to be awake and alert to know what they were doing. There was no pain, just a sense of pressure as the work was done. This time I didn’t see the colors as intensely during the procedure — they were more muted and serene, instead of the psychedelic effects the first time. I still need to paint a picture of what I saw with each eye’s surgery — the doctor asked me to do them since he knows I’m an artist.

I can see dust now! I had thought the place I’m living had some special type of filter that removed it. Now, I can see the dust on top of my paintings. On the “plus” side, I can also appreciate the painted colors’ effect from a distance.

I got some reading glasses (shown below left) for when I need to see things close-up. I took my bank statement with me to the store to make sure I could read the fine print!

Jo Myers-Walker in new reading glasses

Who’s that behind those Foster Grants?
(My new reading glasses, before I managed to get the tag off)

Jo Myers-Walker in round tinted glasses

I found these John-Lennon-style glasses in the vault. I’m feeling like I’m in the 1960s, ready for a peace march!

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