Farewell to van

After 300,000 miles of good and faithful service, the red van brought me home safely from a recent trip and could go no further. The bottom had rusted out. Repairs would have cost close to $1,000 and even then, the parts might not have stayed in place because of the extent of the rust. The van had been an escape vehicle, workhorse, and service to many people, a place to pray and to paint from the back of along the roadside. It had been all across the United States hauling things like bricks, trees, and art shows. I took pictures to document the murals (detail below) before it continued its service through recycling.

St. Francis mural on red van, by Jo Myers-Walker

St. Francis beside a tree, hanging out with Brother Sun and Sister Moon

St. Clare mural on red van, by Jo Myers-Walker

St. Clare on the opposite side; Sister Water flowed all around the van

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