Journal birds

Birds with journal

Birds roosting on a personalized journal

The feathered friends flocking around their journal — we had another retreat recently at The Left Bank Studio working with the meaning of color and finding gratitude, awe, and wonder. We painted, cut things out, and made funny lettering for our journals. Each of the birds was created by a different member of the “flock”! After this picture was taken, the birds settled down for a group portrait which I will use to make cards or bookmarks, for the participants to enjoy and remember.

I’m teaming up with Catherine Howe of the newly-revitalized Warren Cultural Center in Greenfield, Iowa (and Ed & Eva’s gift shop) to offer journal workshops on January 4 and 5, 2013. These will be intergenerational workshops about gratitude for the new year, and each participant will personalize a journal (like the one in the photo) with their own style and philosophy.

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