Transformation celebration

Exuberant faces at The Left Bank Studio transformation sale

Exuberant faces: Larry and Bonnie Dix discover some finds while Jo Myers-Walker and Tina Rice celebrate the new “Sold” sticker

Steve Peters with trunkload of art

Steve and Randi Peters stopped by to get a trunkload of artwork

Thank you to everyone who stopped by for the Transformation Sale! You can see exuberant faces in the photos, including new building owner Tina Rice. Tina has some exciting plans for the little Bank building, which I’ll tell you about in an upcoming post.

Update: The Left Bank Studio is now closed (Tina’s new business will open in June). I’m excited at the prospect of more freedom to travel and paint with others, do workshops, and be with family. Stay tuned!

Molly buckled up for safety before going on  tour

Molly buckles up for safety before she goes on tour (she found a good home with Lisa Cooper)

Lisa with other treasures

Lisa with frog chair and other treasures, including the Provence lady “coming and going” door

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