Farewell, and greetings

A walk through the “bank,” from front to back, before greeting the next adventure:

Empty front room at The Left Bank Studio

Front room, looking through 50′ of new open space

Empty middle room at The Left Bank Studio

Middle room – do you believe how much room is now open for others to explore?

Empty main vault at The Left Bank Studio

Safe deposit vault, where the money was kept in the old days

Empty back room at The Left Bank Studio

Back room with rarely-seen floor

On safari, moving out of the Bank building

“On safari” in the rain

The moving truck is full

Having fun unloading the truck in the rain – my sons-in-law had lots of laughs at what I was saving for the move!

My new pedicure

My first night in Iowa City, my daughter and granddaughter painted my toenails (Caribbean Blue) so my feet can explore their new city in style. Then we watched the movie “Enchanted” – sort of like my life these days!

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