Iowa Arts Festival and Carnaval

My booth at the Iowa Arts Festival 2013

My daughter Shelby and I at the Iowa Arts Festival, showing my watercolors (thanks to Pam for the photo!)

This year’s Iowa Arts Festival was a spontaneous and unique event. I saw lots of things I had not seen before! My booth was next to the concert area, and I got to hear some wonderful music.

On Saturday the townspeople – adults, children, students – made a parade out of art for Carnaval, an event developed by costume designer and University of Iowa faculty member Loyce Arthur. Note the paper towel rollers painted green to make headdresses (below left), along with repurposed plastic bags. These are my kind of people!

I made some new contacts and found new places to show my work, so much to chose from. For now I hope to sit it out awhile, slow down and enjoy my new life in Iowa City, seeing lots of my grandchildren.

River of Stories in the Carnaval parade, Iowa City 2013

Carrying the River of Stories

Costumes in the Carnaval parade, Iowa City 2013

More costumes and walking puppet in the Carnaval parade

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