Scenes from the booth

Amber at the booth (Iowa State Fair 2013)

Amber at the booth

Jo Myers-Walker at the 2013 Iowa State Fair

Me enjoying a chat with a visitor

This year at the Friends of the Left Bank Studio booth, in addition to meeting people from all over the world, we can enjoy another of the Fair’s big attractions — balloon artist Poppin’ Penelope is right across from us! She’s making sculptures large and small, including the Ferris wheel below made entirely of balloons. Stop by and see us (and Penny) through August 18, in the Cultural Center at the Iowa State Fair.

Update: The 2013 Fair has now ended. “Thank you” to everyone who stopped by!

Poppin' Penelope sculpting with balloons, Iowa State Fair 2013

Penny sculpting with balloons
(she’s a bit blurry since she was dancing too)

Ferris wheel by Poppin' Penelope, Iowa State Fair 2013

Penny’s giant balloon Ferris wheel

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