Paper dolls

For a lesson at The Center, I showed the class how I cut out paper figures and put them on a painting to see where I want to place people and begin the story. The painting below left will show a restaurant on the ped mall which reminded me of Europe with people eating outside. I’m just starting to paint a waiter and a couple drinking wine. There’s always somebody passing by; the figure in front is a “paper doll” to help me decide how the passerby fits into the picture.

At a workshop earlier this year for people facing health challenges (and their loved ones), I asked the group to paint figures representing themselves and cut them out to put into their own adventures. On another sheet they created their own special environment, then showed the group their paper selves and loved ones placed into the painted world. One man painted himself proposing to his wife! In challenging times, the most important thing is relationships, people whose love is a part of your world.

Unfinished painting of a restaurant on the ped mall

Using a paper doll to decide on figure placement

Watercolor characters

More figures awaiting their role in a painting

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