Cathedral of light

Saturday night we went to the “Cathedral of Light” (Cathédrale de Lumière) outdoor sound and light show, with video projected onto the front of Rouen Cathedral. It was spectacular standing with Rouen families, looking 100 ft. in the air and experiencing going through time, starting with the story Joan of Arc who was martyred in Rouen. The cathedral was all in flames with the sounds of wood burning, and the wars were depicted with the clanking of swords and and cries. Later a show of Impressionist art turned the cathedral into a Monet painting.

Video projection on the Rouen Cathedral

Scenes from the “Cathedral of Light” sound and light show
(Many thanks to Bonnie Dix for these photos!)

You can see more of the “Cathedral of Light” show online:

The website Projection Mapping Central has more information about this type of show.

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