Making friends in Rouen

Painting with friends in Rouen

Painting with Zoe and mom Delphine. Delphine helps us get around and Zoe teaches me French.

Zoe adds to the Rouen sketchbook

Zoe painting in my sketchbook. She reminds me of my grandchildren — I miss them!
(photo courtesy of Bonnie Dix)

Artisan painting a ceramic piece

Amazing artisan:  a neighbor
on our street, creating a
delicate layered design.

Plates and other ceramic ware painted with French roosters

Some of his beautiful work on display in the shop. The rooster is a symbol of France (and a frequent subject of my own painting!).

Bonnie, Bertrand, and Bonnie's dessert at the coffee shop

Bonnie and Bertrand approve of her dessert choice at The Chocolate Bar

Outdoor ping pong in a Rouen park

Playing ping pong in the park near the Church of St. Ouen (they let me win)

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