Revisiting the studio

Side street in Rouen painted by Jo Myers-Walker

I painted this side street
during our return visit

Painting critique at La Page Blanche

Critiquing my use of values (Jo, Adeline, Marie, Agnès; photo courtesy of Bonnie Dix)

During our studio visit on the weekend, we were invited back to La Page Blanche to paint. New friends Agnès Dévé, Marie-Antoinette Girard, and Adeline Gouarné all studied in Paris (links are to Google translations). It was a good opportunity for me to receive their critique!

Movie theater in Rouen

After painting, we went to see Shirley: Visions of Reality, a movie inspired by the paintings of Edward Hopper

View of rooftops and cathedral spires in Rouen

View from a top-floor apartment above the studio, with cathedral view — amazing shapes and unique perspective

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