Capturing the essence

Page from Jo Myers-Walker's sketchbook showing Undiz store in Rouen

From my art journal/sketchbook:
the Undiz lingerie store and some hairstyles in Rouen (the notes say that I found the French women’s style of dress very tasteful and feminine, and their hair worn very natural.)

At the opening reception for my exhibit at Wheatsfield Co-op, I met up with old acquaintances and talked about art journaling, and guests could enjoy the wines of Calico Skies Vineyard and Winery from northwest Iowa. I shared my sketchbook with people, walking us through neighborhoods and the places I visited, letting them see how I developed the paintings in the exhibit from quick sketches in my art journal. I wanted to paint the culture, people, daily life in Rouen.

Like the French emphasis on fresh market food, Wheatsfield emphasizes fresh, local, and organic products. They have been known to let me bring my classes in to paint their vegetables. Then we could purchase and eat the subjects, to appreciate all of their essence!

(My exhibit has ended, but there is a different artist’s work on display every month at Wheatsfield.)

Saturday Night in Rouen, watercolor painting by Jo Myers-Walker

“Saturday Night in Rouen” is part of the exhibit
(Undiz on the left; I’m at bottom left,
being serenaded by accordion)

Community art gallery at Wheatsfield Co-op in the deli seating area

Wheatsfield’s deli seating area is also a
show space with a lovely hanging system

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