Card-catalog easel

View of living room showing card-catalog easel next to drafting table

Living room with card-catalog easel

Old card catalog from ISU library being used as an easel for large watercolor

Closer view of the card catalog

For large watercolors, like 32″ x 40″, I needed to create an easel large enough to accommodate large papers and still movable so as to be able to rotate and lay flat. Voilà — the ISU library card catalog I purchased at the salvage barn in Ames over 35 years ago that I have moved four times (to the chagrin of my son Devin). I still have good lighting and can work at the drafting table (with bust of David watching) on smaller paintings.

The large watercolors I’ve been working on are of Florida, so have been a relief to paint during the winter weather! There will be three of them total to cover a 12-foot space when framed.

Watercolor painting of Ocean Drive, Miami Beach by Jo Myers-Walker

Ocean Drive

Watercolor painting of Florida dock by Jo Myers-Walker

On the dock in South Beach

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