Art in Amana

Brightly-colored spirals create a 3-D effect in a journal under construction

Spirals that have messages and open in the journal

Homes in lovely Amana, Iowa, across the street from Amana Arts Guild studio

Homes across the street from the studio in Amana

Last week I led an art journaling workshop in lovely Amana, Iowa, part of the Art Iowa Workshops offered every year by the Amana Arts Guild in cooperation with Grant Wood AEA. The class had 20 very busy students working toward teacher re-certification or on a master’s program. I blew up photos of the class members to use as puppets, which turn up in many of the photos. We used different media, styles and forms of expression in constructing journals and using them for exercises in art technique, free writing and perception. I’ll share more photos of their work in an upcoming newsletter.

Class members from Art Iowa Workshop, June 2015

Fun times with teachers at the Amana Arts Guild.
Having fun is part of being creative!

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