Drawing from life

A life drawing model with paintings from workshop at Summerset Winery, July 2015

One of our models admiring our artwork

Artist at work during life drawing workshop at Summerset Winery, July 2015

Diana painting from a model

In July’s figure drawing workshop at Summerset Winery, our models posed for about 20 minutes at a time while we sketched and painted. It’s not easy being a model — you have to be in good shape to hold a pose that long! They were positioned to show the slight S-curve of the body, for the figures to seem animated in the artwork.

We began by finding the shadows to create form. The models were well lighted so we could follow the flow of shadow. I talked about proportion using a little paper “head” as a measuring tool to find the figure’s height and the length of the arms and legs. After students figured out the proportions it was much easier to draw how the body goes together.

Life drawing sketch used to show proportions of the body

Using a paper “head”
as a measuring tool

Life drawing sketch of a sleeping pose

Watercolor sketch of a “sleeping” pose.
Even foreshortening becomes easier
by knowing the proportions.

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