Eastside art

Artist Jo Myers-Walker with shower curtain digitally printed with her watercolor art

Demonstrating the shower
curtain in action

Artist Jo Myers-Walker with slumped-acrylic sculpture of a shoe

With a shoe sculpture

I continue to meet more of the arts community in Iowa City as it is thriving here. In December I was pleased with the turnout at the Eastside Artists Annual Show and Sale (shown above). Besides my shower curtains and pillows, I had some slumped-acrylic sculptures and wrapped horses — I wanted to use up my supplies and had been meaning to do these little projects for the show. Would you believe I have saved these small plastic horses for 25 years, only to still be inspired to cover them with bright fabric and fine wire and wear them on my coat.

Slumped-acrylic sculpture of chicken and fabric-wrapped horse figure by Jo Myers-Walker

Colorful chicken and fancy wrapped horse

Plastic toy horses with one fabric-wrapped horse figure by Jo Myers-Walker

The rest of the horses are raring to go

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