A few more at the reunion

Painted foamcore figures representing teachers to attend a high school reunion

The “teachers” visiting in my kitchen before the reunion

I was Vice President of my high school class in 1963, so it was about time I was on the reunion committee! With our high school days getting more distant, I brought along ten “teachers” to help stir our memories at my class reunion in Boone. The cutout figures are made of foamcore, painted with acrylic paint and some acrylic spray paint.

We could talk to the cutouts and let the images bring back old times. Once the stories started flowing, it was a riot what people remembered! Classmates have been sending me photos of the cutout teachers they took home, entering their houses, peeking out, etc. — fun stuff.

High school reunion attendees posing with photo props and foamcore figure representing a teacher

The reunion committee (at left) and some more of the attendees,
posing with photo props and a photobombing “teacher”
(committee photo courtesy of Fred Westfall)

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