Scarf sneak peek

Jo Myers-Walker and friend Eva at Wheatsfield Co-op in Ames, November 2018

With Eva at Wheatsfield, trying out scarves

We had a good day at Wheatsfield on Saturday! I’ve been introducing tote bags and scarves printed with my artwork, to complement the “Notecards for a cause.” Proceeds from all these items will go toward awareness of human trafficking, starting with support for Lila Mae’s House (link is to a Sioux City Journal article; note the “Ways to help” and “Signs of human trafficking” in the left-hand column).

My appreciation to Wheatsfield Co-op for providing the space; to my friend Eva for helping me unload, staff the table, and load back up again; and to everyone who stopped by! I’ll be putting more online about the scarf designs — you can see a sneak peek from the photo shoot below.

Update:  See the Creating for a Cause page to see all the scarf designs, plus notecards and bags!

Tote bag, scarf, and notecards imprinted with images of watercolor paintings by Jo Myers-Walker

Samples of the bags, scarves,
and cards

Jo Myers-Walker adjusting scarf printed with her artwork worn by model at photo shoot

Behind the scenes with a scarf
model at the photo shoot

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