Painters at the festival

A group of five artists poses at a watercolor demonstration tent during the 2019 Iowa Arts Festival

Artists and watercolor class members
Jeanette, Lois, Sally, Thia and Tracy
(Photo courtesy of Lois A.)

Three artists demonstrate watercolor techniques under a tent at the 2019 Iowa Arts Festival

Three painters demonstrate their styles
(at right is Dorothy)
(Photo courtesy of Lois A.)

Jo Myers-Walker's work displayed inside Iowa Artisans Gallery in Iowa City for the 2019 Iowa Arts Festival

My climate-controlled corner

Thank you to all the students stopping by to demonstrate or show enthusiasm for the Iowa Artisans Gallery and our amazing gang of painters!

Above:  Some of the students who took turns demonstrating painting techniques during the recent Iowa Arts Festival, under a tent outside Iowa Artisans Gallery.

At right:  The Gallery graciously hosted my artwork during the festival.

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