Plein air in Amana

Jo Myers-Walker sketching in Amana, Iowa during the 2019 Catiri's Fresh Paint event

Starting with a sketch
to plan the painting

Watercolor scene of Amana, Iowa painted by Jo Myers-Walker during 2019 Catiri's Fresh Paint event

My painting with the Amana
water tower in the distance

Catiri’s Fresh Paint is an annual plein air painting competition hosted by Catiri’s Art Oasis in Amana, Iowa. They stamp your paper then you paint like crazy, and bring it in at the end to be juried. This year’s event was Friday through Sunday of Labor Day weekend and had 45 artists from 5 states. Everywhere I sat, I could spot artists with their easels!

Painting on location is different than in the studio. It’s meditative — you can get lost in your painting day, trying to find the essence of the scene. We had beautiful weather and I could hear the birds and bugs and feel at one with nature. The last day they had a nice dinner where we could meet each other and “talk art.” I plan to go back next year.

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