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The Iowa Watercolor Society’s (IWS’s) Annual Meeting, Luncheon, Demonstration and Awards Ceremony is held at the end of each summer’s IWS Annual Exhibition. It’s a great way to meet fellow Iowa artists, and learn from each other and from the nationally-recognized teacher invited as juror. This year’s juror was watercolorist Alexis Lavine, who also did a painting demonstration after the luncheon and taught an in-depth workshop in the days that followed.

My painting “Emma” received Honorable Mention in this year’s exhibition and will join other artists’ work selected to travel to art centers around the state in the IWS 2019‑2020 Traveling Show. Besides the recognition, I received a set of Dr. Ph. Martin’s fine art watercolors and a Blick gift card, which are much appreciated — I use their products and they helped me win the award!

Two of my students submitted paintings for this year’s summer exhibition, and both got in. It’s wonderful as an artist to feel that validation; then you have to do the work of getting things framed and ready for the show! Shows like the IWS’s offer the experience of submitting a work of art and maybe starting it on a journey.

Emma, watercolor portrait by Jo Myers-Walker, and a photo of Jo posed next to the painting at IWS 2019 exhibition

“Emma” and me after the IWS luncheon at La Poste in Perry

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