Tech for teaching

Jo Myers-Walker leading a watercolor workshop with video camera displaying what she paints

Painting on camera
(photo courtesy of Beth at the Octagon)

I’ve tried different setups over the years to give my students a better view during demonstrations, and I brought my favorite system yet to the Octagon watercolor workshop earlier this month.

Without some kind of apparatus for viewing, there may not be room for everyone to watch by gathering around the table, and it’s difficult for some people to stand for that length of time. Here the video camera on the tripod (at left in the photo) is focused on my work area and shows the progress on the Octagon’s display behind me while I paint.

The students can sit at their own work tables, look at the screen and follow along with me and ask questions. Then I pause and give them time to catch up. This way they can paint and watch the lesson too. I can also record my lessons if I’m unable to be present, and send to my students. I am learning new technology and it’s gratifying to see it benefit my classes.

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