Let it Show

Jo Myers-Walker demonstrate watercolor painting at the opening of a show at Bereskin Gallery & Art Academy with help from friend Jeanette and a young art student

Demonstrating at the opening

Jeanette and I demonstrated watercolor techniques with the assistance of a young art student at the opening event for the “Let it Show” exhibit at Beréskin Gallery & Art Academy in Bettendorf.

The exhibit is open now through December during gallery hours, and includes several of my paintings along with a variety of works from different artists. From Beréskin’s website:  “This is the time of year to let it all show. Our artistry, beauty and creativity are meant to inspire your curiosity, passion, and generosity for the world of art and those you hold dear.” (See Beréskin’s Facebook page for updates.)

In addition to the gallery, Beréskin offers art classes for children and adults, encouraging people of all ages to let their creativity show!

Several watercolor paintings by artist Jo Myers-Walker are shown on exhibit at Beréskin Gallery & Art Academy in Bettendorf, Iowa

Several of my paintings join the work of other artists for “Let it Show”

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