Adaptive cycling

Yellow three-wheeled bicycle with bright orange flag

One of the transportation
modes at my daughter’s

Last summer my family pitched in to help me get a new ride, a yellow trike with two big wheels in back and a basket with plenty of room for art supplies. This summer it’s residing at my daughter’s nearby, where my grandsons can unlock and bring it out to the curb for me while we all wear our face masks. So fun to tool around the cul-de-sac and watch people working in their gardens or the grandsons playing basketball. What a treat while self distancing!

The three wheels give me confidence that I won’t fall over into the bushes if my knees don’t cooperate. One of the cards in my “Family and Friends” collection features two more kinds of adaptive cycle. Tandem cycles make it easier for people with different strengths to ride together. With a side-by-side tandem, they can have a conversation as they ride along the bike path.

Looking west along Iowa Ave. in downtown Iowa City past the handlebards of a three-wheeled cycle

From last summer, finally
making it up the hill downtown

Watercolor painting by artist Jo Myers-Walker showing two styles of tandem bicycle ridden along a bike trail

See the post Cards to help fight ALS
for information on this card collection

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