Postcards for Peace

A watercolor painting by artist Jo Myers-Walker shows a large crowd of stylized figures stretching off into the distance, coming together to advocate for a world without nuclear weapons

People coming together for “A world without nuclear weapons”

A favorite part of attending St. Thomas More Catholic Church is the opportunity to work with fellow parishioners for causes that are important to us. I painted this scene, showing people from all over joining together, to use as the decorative side of postcards for the group project Postcards for Peace. After this weekend’s Masses (January 28–29, 2023), churchgoers will have a chance to address the postcards to our political leaders and write why they are urging our government to sign the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW).

Nuclear weapons remain an active threat to all life on the planet, and sending postcards may seem a small measure. Recent church bulletins remind us to Pray — Study — Act, even when the odds seem against us; and they include a World Peace Prayer for contemplation (link is to some historical information about the prayer on

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