May classes at ArtiFactory

Watercolor painting by Jo Myers-Walker of a woman posing at a table with a vase of flowers and several kinds of fruit

My notes and painting from the April 26 class

Logo for the class Figures in a Scene at the ArtiFactory in Iowa City featuring a partially completed watercolor painting of a street scene by Jo Myers-Walker with figures of people unfinished

(Click image to visit the ArtiFactory website)

Hand-written notes on yellow lined paper by artist Jo Myers-Walker about the Figures in a Scene watercolor class

Closeup on my notes from the 26th, including the important “Have fun!”

Omer Sanan and I will lead two more Figures in a Scene watercolor class sessions in May (update: see my post “What’s going on!” for links to more upcoming dates!).

Above left:  My painting and notes from our April 26 class. It was so windy we stayed in and drew each other with our flowers.

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And also:  See my complementary site at for information on Mentoring and Consultations (plus my online Gallery, and more!)

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