After the storm

Jo Myers-Walker with daughter Shelby at the 2016 Iowa Arts Festival

Shelby and me, with rainbow

When a storm came through on Saturday of the Iowa Arts Festival and blew over my tent, breaking the frame, many wonderful people helped me move the artwork from my booth to safety and take down the sides and top of the broken tent. After the rain stopped I felt the rainbow telling me to put my work in galleries, out of the weather!

On Sunday after the calamity, where my booth had been, I chalked a thank-you to the Iowa City folks who rescued my art and kept the tent from going completely over.

Jo chalks a thank-you to Iowa City residents during 2016 Iowa Arts Festival

Leaving a thank-you note to Iowa City:
“My tent blew over – I am not here – Thank you IC for saving my artwork”

Jo selling from art cart at 2016 Iowa Arts Festival

Selling from my cart with no tent — I am a diehard!
(Many thanks to festival volunteer
Yejun for this photo)

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New fabrics for the Festival (updated)

Curtain and pillow digitally printed with watercolor paintings by Jo Myers-Walker

Left:  Curtain with farm house scene with chickens
(you can have up to 4 chickens in Iowa City, with a permit!)
Right:  Folks enjoying sitting outside near Prairie Lights

Update:  I didn’t have a booth on Sunday, June 5, due to a storm on Saturday that blew over the tent, breaking the frame. With the help of many wonderful people we moved the artwork to safety and did not lose much to the rain. More of the story (with photos) soon!

Earlier post:
This is my fourth year with a booth at the Iowa Arts Festival, June 3–5 in downtown Iowa City. This festival really got me acquainted with the arts and writing community here. Everyone is an artist or writer it seems. Folks just value it and do it.

New for this year’s festival:  my watercolors digitally printed on pillows and curtains! The curtains are for windows, walls or showers — I’m pleased with how the colors and textures came through in these printed works of art.

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Pages from the Amana workshop

Watercolor techniques demonstrated by painting chickens

Chicken techniques

Watercolor sketches of people in the sunlight

Painting each other in the sun

Sketchbook pages from my weekend workshop (“Figure Forms in the Landscape”) at Amana Arts Guild, offered through Grant Wood Area Education Agency.

Above left, watercolor techniques demonstrated with chickens! Above right, drawing each other in the sunlight, drawing with watercolors too. In the sunlight you can really see the form on the face and clothing. We then cut out the smaller figures (like the green clothed person on the right) to travel around in our landscapes. It really gives life to the painting.

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Burlington workshop

Artists in watercolor workshop at Art Center of Burlington

Practicing our techniques
(photo courtesy of Mary)

Photo of art deco style Capitol Theater in downtown Burlington, Iowa

Downtown Burlington’s historic Capitol Theater
(photo via Wikipedia, © Ian Poellet)

(Above left)  Here I am at the Art Center of Burlington teaching watercolor techniques. It is always fun to meet new artists and be inspired in their environment.

Because it was raining we could not go out and paint the beautiful historic buildings in downtown Burlington, but you can see photos of several of them in this Wikipedia article.

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Painting to Mozart

Dorothy plays piano while modeling for watercolor class at The Center

Painting to Mozart

Paper doll laid on top of painting in progress to experiment with placement

Cutting out paper dolls and walking them around the painting to find story

Monday was our last class of the season at The Center. One of our class members (Dorothy) is a concert pianist, and served as our model as we drew and painted her while she serenaded us with Mozart!

The class is looking forward to next Fall. They all have truly progressed in painting and drawing the figure. We then cut the figures out and moved them around in our landscapes so now they are inhabited.

(Many thanks to Mary for the photos!)

Photos of watercolor paintings in progress illustrate the use of layers

Layering the face; examples of using layers in watercolor painting

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More samples from The Center

In-progress paintings of cabin in the woods by Jo Myers-Walker to demonstrate layering

Layering background trees, leaving space for foliage when painting tree trunks
(Photos courtesy of Louise — thank you!)

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Getting into the picture

Demonstration of adding figures in painting a street scene, watercolor by Jo Myers-Walker

Figures on the street

Demonstration of figures gesturing in a street scene, watercolor by Jo Myers-Walker

Capturing gestures

Demonstration of considerations in painting tree trunks and branches, watercolor by Jo Myers-Walker

Considering tree trunks and limbs

These are from demonstrations during our twice-a-month workshops at The Center. Above, I was showing the class techniques on painting the figure in street scenes. The figure is just shapes breaking up the scene. The most important piece is getting the gesture of what they are doing. It really makes the painting come alive as it is inhabited.

We started trees by showing trunks and limbs, then adding foliage. We will be adding the figure in the forest next time. The class is really progressing nicely.

(Photos courtesy of Mary)

Demonstration of adding foliage to painting of trees, watercolor by Jo Myers-Walker

Adding foliage

Demonstration of adding figures to painting of trees, watercolor by Jo Myers-Walker

Figures in the forest

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Celebrating The Center

Logo of the Iowa City/Johnson County Senior Center

(click image to visit The Center’s website)

Last Thursday the Iowa City/Johnson County Senior Center had an open house to celebrate its 35th year in operation, and this article in the Cedar Rapids Gazette gives you a sense of why The Center is so popular in the community. I’m in the fourth photo at the top of that article, doing a watercolor demonstration.

Update:  My winter/spring series of watercolor workshops has ended and we’re looking forward to starting again in the fall. You can get each season’s Program Guide from The Center’s website.

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January 2016 Newsletter

Click the link below to view or download:
Watercolor portrait by Jo Myers-Walker from Santa Fe workshop taught by Charles Reid

(click image to download PDF newsletter)

In this edition:
  • Looking forward, looking back
    (the Life Stories Project)
  • Charles Reid and me
  • At the workshop
  • Around Santa Fe
  • Painting from life
  • Rummage ReDux
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A Christmas walk

Instead of a regular Christmas tree, this is my slumped-acrylic nativity scene with St. Francis on the left. I’ve been using the walker while I wait for a bit of surgery, and was trying to get in the Christmas spirit by decorating it and walking with Francis. I think Christmas could be every day as the Light comes into the world.

Walker decorated for Christmas, with painted acrylic nativity scene made by Jo Myers-Walker

Taking baby Jesus out for a walk with the Holy Family and St. Francis

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