Words and pictures

Cover of the book Carol Jo's Daydreaming Tree, written and illustrated by artist Jo Myers-Walker, with watercolor painting of a girl and cat perched on the limb of a tree watching figures below that look small from the height

Cover of “Carol Jo’s
Daydreaming Tree”

Being an illustrator is very similar to being a writer — telling a story through images versus words. After painting the illustrations for Lucky’s Feet, I wanted to try telling a story of my own through both words and pictures.

The result is “Carol Jo’s Daydreaming Tree,” a children’s book inspired by my childhood growing up with my brothers (but fictionalized!). Friends who are writers provided feedback as I refined the wording and worked out which paintings and perspectives I needed to show the events in the book. Another friend provided technical expertise to add text to images of my paintings.

I’ve been enjoying illustration, which is well suited to times when we can’t meet each other in person. Doing both the writing and watercolors was a creative adventure, and led directly to my illustrating a third children’s book, which I’ll show you in an upcoming post!

(Send me an email at hello@jomyerswalker.com for more information if you’re interested in ordering a copy of “Carol Jo’s Daydreaming Tree.”)

From Jo Myers-Walker's book Carol Jo's Daydreaming Tree, preliminary sketch and watercolor page showing young girl and cat inspecting a spot on the ground in front of a house

A preliminary sketch and the
resulting page from the book

Artist Jo Myers-Walker seated at a desk with her book Carol Jo's Daydreaming Tree and an illustration she painted for it

Illustrating my book

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