Another New Artist Teaching at The Left Bank Studio

Jane Haahr was raised on a family farm in southwest Iowa and graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in Foreign Languages (French and Spanish). She taught French in Mason City, Iowa, then worked for 33 years in Export Management for companies manufacturing and marketing vaccines and pharmaceuticals for animals. Recently retired, Jane has combined her lifelong interests in sewing and environmental issues in her business called Haahr Inspirations. She creates large tote bags from sturdy fabrics that are colorful, playful, practical and even elegant. The bags have handles and removable hardboard bottoms. Each comes with a hangtag telling the bag’s new owner about the benefits of using eco-friendly fabric (vs. “paper or plastic”).

(hangtag attached to each bag)
Hello, nice person!

I’m your eco-friendly fabric shopping bag. Since I am reusable, I won’t end up in a landfill or scattered across the landscape, unlike those pesky paper and plastic bags. Please take me with you when you to go the store and ask the clerk to use me instead of using a paper bag that was made by cutting down trees or a plastic bag that increases our carbon footprint. You protect the environment and I get to be a star! I’m a handmade original, made just for you by someone who cares deeply about doing her part to help keep our planet healthy.
Sincerely, Your New Bag

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