Sarah Dorn – Repurposed Jewelry

Repurposed Jewelry will be September 25 from 10-12. Students should bring images from magazines, photographs, etc that they will be cutting up; the best size is about 2″x2″. The pendant will be made using pieces of plexiglass that Jo cuts. Students will have a completed necklace, a one-of-a-kind creation, to take home at the end of class. It is open to all skill levels. Cost: $30, ($25 for the class and $5 for supplies.) To register or get info: email Sarah at mamapeacock@hotmail.com

Bio: Sarah is a blessed stay-at-home mom, spending my days with my 2 munchkins. Though finger paint and play dough are very fun…I needed some Mama time…an outlet for my creativity and something of my own. Mama Peacock LLC was born from that need.

So, why jewelry and how did I get started? Well, I have always loved jewelry and the self-expression it allows. I like to re-purpose items when possible, especially vintage items. Many of my bottle caps and dominoes are vintage finds from various places. The scrabble tiles I use are from a vintage game given to me by my sweet neighbor lady growing up.

I truly believe beauty radiates from the inside out-so buy a piece of Mama Peacock to decorate your beautiful self or home…and then STRUT YOUR STUFF!!

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