Eyesight update

My cataract surgery yesterday went well! My doctor knows I am an artist as I explained all the abstract shapes I was seeing during surgery while they put my fancy lens in my eye. I was a little loopy with the sedative but my daughter said I was funny – since I’m used to working with plastic, I had a plan to blow-torch my glasses to remove the now-unneeded lens from the frame. Instead my friend Bonnie took me to Pearle Vision later and they took the lens out of the glasses on that side, which looks a little funny but is certainly doable as I wait for the other eye to receive a new lens in September.

My vision on that side is awesome now, and the colors are magnificent. The bad part is I have WRINKLES, never saw them before so I will have to smile a lot! I can’t wait to paint, maybe no more black lines around things. Thanks to everyone who has been wishing me well!

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