Bossy going to the Fair

Bossy the Cow pillow by Jo Myers-Walker

Bossy the Cow pillow

Bossy tries on some colors (painted pillow by Jo Myers-Walker)

Bossy tries on some colors (painting on fabric)

This is Bossy the cow. According to my friend Dave, she wants to be an engineer. She can’t decide what color to be, so she’s trying on a few different ones for the Fair!

People from everywhere go to the Iowa State Fair, and you get to see a real slice of humanity. Farmers (after asking me what I was “on” when I painted that color of animal!) talk to me about their livestock, and we agree that they are beautiful creatures. I hope to record some of the stories of the folks who stop by the booth.

Just like my studio in Gilbert, our booth at the Fair is like no other! Among my friends and I there are six or seven different media presented in an inviting boutique, with demonstrations throughout the day. Update August 20, 2012: This year’s Iowa State Fair is over, but we hope to see you there next summer!

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