Thanksgiving trip

Making new figures for the BookMarks sculpture

Making new figures for the BookMarks sculpture, with sketches underneath

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving! I made new figures (shown at right) to repair the All the World’s a Stage BookMarks sculpture, and took advantage of my trip to Iowa City to hand them over to the Parks Department, who will install them.

Family pictures are below. The night before Thanksgiving, my grandkids decided they wanted to play hide-and-seek in the dark, so they all got their dark clothing on to play (it’s a more mysterious game at night!). We’d been making Lego-block hats using foam core and duct tape (I was doing the cutting) so naturally we put some of the tape on our faces.

Jo and children on Thanksgiving 2012

My four lovely children and me (still holding pie!)
on Thanksgiving

Attired for hide-and-seek

Cousins attired for hide-and-seek
(Lily the dog has natural black-and-white camouflage)

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