Color coordinated

Bassinet with dogs painted by Jo Myers-Walker

Bassinet painted with helpful dogs
(currently holding painted pillows)

I’ve been rearranging The Left Bank Studio by color, and still bringing more things out of the vault. At right is a baby bassinet which my dad and I made. It holds a legal-size mattress for a newborn, and as the child grows it can be turned upside-down and used as a toy box. (I can make things like this to order.)

Shown below are “neutral” and “blue” collections. The floor lamp at left is made from steel curved like the railing outside the Studio, using the same method.

Stop in during gallery hours and take a look, whatever your preferred palette!

Update: I’ve sold the little bank in Gilbert, and now I’m based in Iowa City. Check out my blog to see what I’m doing these days!

Arrangement of neutral colors at The Left Bank Studio

See, I can do neutrals!
(front room at The Left Bank Studio; curved-steel lamp is at left)

Arrangement of blue artwork at The Left Bank Studio

The Blue Period
(middle room at The Left Bank Studio)

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