Clearing the way

Almost-empty front vault at The Left Bank Studio

Almost-empty vault in the front room

Bernie and truck

Bernie’s truck made many trips to storage

The train running through the front room at The Left Bank Studio

The train running through the front room. Little kids have come in and "sat in the train"!

Look, you can see the walls! We cleared the way not only for Tina’s new shop, but also my new life of art, travel, and teaching. My move was made possible through the combined efforts of family and friends, just like The Left Bank Studio was created and sustained with the love and support of many people through the years.

Behind Bernie (and the orange truck he loaned to the cause) you can see people looking through the “free pile” next to the dumpster. The treasure hunters included artists and art students. It was another way to closure for me to see the delight on their faces and tell them ways to repurpose their finds.

The bank is still inhabited! On Mother’s Day we discovered a robin’s nest outside (shown below), and she stayed and tended to her family among all the activity. It was a spiritual experience for me to look in her eye and realize we are connected in the universe.

Mother robin on nest

Mother robin, undeterred

Robin commemorated in the artwork

My granddaughter commemorated the robin by refreshing the front-room drawing

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