Little flowers

Little flower award

A lovely certificate, a lovely thought

One treasure going with me to my new location is this Little Flower Award I received from St. Theresa Catholic School after participating in their Social Justice Week earlier this year. It was such an honor it brought tears to my eyes. It meant a great deal to me personally during the transition to my new life — this is what I want to do, and they honored that. The children will continue to inspire me with their generosity and love for others.

The fine print is a quotation from St. Theresa, which I’ve copied below. I think it’s a beautiful reminder that you don’t have to be grand or famous to show love and make a difference to others.

“Love proves itself by deeds, so how am I to show my love? Great deeds are forbidden me. The only way I can prove my love is by scattering flowers and these flowers are every little sacrifice, every glance and word, and the doing of the least actions for love.” — St. Theresa

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