Visions of Assisi

There are lots of red tile roofs in the Iowa City downtown area, and combining that with the ped mall makes me think of the places I hope to visit and paint. Seashore Hall (update: it has since been removed) on the University of Iowa campus (painting at left below) reminded me of the buildings around Assisi. I enjoy how the University has kept their architecture.

The top of a downtown parking ramp provides a vantage point for observing, and I’m not the only one! Other people come up to take pictures and take in the scenery. It’s a different perspective on buildings, and on birds — they fly differently at that height, with no trees to land on.

Seashore Hall at University of Iowa, watercolor painting by Jo Myers-Walker

Red tile roofs bring out memories of painting as I travel

Watercolor painting by Jo Myers-Walker

Another Assisi-looking villa

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