Fabric painting at Hen & Chicks

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Hen & Chicks Studio logo
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I got an early start on Saturday’s fabric painting workshop at Hen & Chicks Studio — Heidi Kaisand invited me to spend Friday night beforehand at The Nest upstairs. The Nest is a dorm-like retreat center equipped for creative sleepovers, divided by colorful doors that I painted. I slept very well and wasn’t lonely, with my artwork surrounding me and a beautiful quilt to sleep under in the 120-year-old building (sorta like being in my 113-year-old bank again!).

At the workshop we practiced painting on fabric using watercolor-like techniques — my samples in the photo below show tape resist, glue resist, stenciling, rubbing, and wet-in-wet using latex house paint. Many thanks to Heidi and everyone in class. We’re already talking about planning the next ones!

Fabric painting technique samples by Jo Myers-Walker

Samples of fabric painting techniques — note the birds and blue tape beaks!

The Nest retreat center, upstairs from Hen & Chicks Studio

Colorful quilts and painted doors at The Nest

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