Iowa City scenes

In-progress watercolor painting of the Iowa River at Iowa City by Jo Myers-Walker

Iowa River – first wash over masking tape resist, cool dominance, salt resist in distance (new buds).

Finished watercolor painting of Iowa River scene by Jo Myers-Walker

Finished Iowa River scene in Iowa City.
Spring has arrived!

These are some scenes around Iowa City. I’m painting what I see around me on a daily basis, and planning a workshop for July 17, 2014 to get together and paint “on location” around the Senior Center.

Watercolor painting of Iowa City alleyway by Jo Myers-Walker

On my way to Orange Leaf, looking forward to coffee yogurt. I am fascinated with the alley shapes – the old with the new wiring, renovation addons.

Watercolor painting of neighborhood scene by Jo Myers-Walker

My finished street scene from watercolor class.
I added children’s figures for composition and neighborhood feel.

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