State Fair 2014 scenes

Booth in the Cultural Center at the 2014 Iowa State Fair

Our booth at the Fair
(photo courtesy of Pam McKenna)

Watercolor painting demonstration at the 2014 Iowa State Fair

Demonstrating and painting
with others at the Fair

At this year’s Iowa State Fair I shared a booth in the Cultural Center with artist friends Pam McKenna, Tina Rice, and Amber Russell-Zepeda. In the evening when the bands began to play across the street at the Anderson Erickson stage, things quieted down in our building. The Fair folks let me set up a painting table next to our booth to demonstrate on during my shift, mostly in the evenings about 7 to 9.

Liz with painting done at Iowa State Fair demonstration

Liz, proud of her chicken
(photo courtesy of Liz)

Jo with painting done at Iowa State Fair demonstration

Me with chicken painted during demonstration
(photo courtesy of Liz)

During the slow times I met a man who could make a paper airplane out of one of my not-so-good watercolors, using just his feet and toes. Then we flew the airplane around the booth. Only at the Fair!

Painting table at the 2014 Iowa State Fair booth

Marg, Joan, and Bonnie painting next to the booth

Paper airplane being folded using only feet and toes

Talented feet, folding an airplane

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