Arts in Marshalltown

Jo Myers-Walker at the 2014 Linn Creek Arts Festival

I won 2nd best of show!

We had beautiful weather to go with good food and bands at the Linn Creek Arts Festival (update: now called the Marshalltown Arts Festival) in Marshalltown on July 19. I hadn’t done an away-from-home outdoor show since I had to give up my big red van that would fit anything into it. Now I’m back on the road again in my red Honda. I had a much simpler white door display that fit into the car, all from recycled parts from my storage unit. I guess it is really all about the artwork and not so much the display.

From my booth you could see the beautiful Christian Petersen sculpture that is part of the Central Iowa Art Association’s collections at the Fisher Community Center (update: the center closed after derecho damage; link is to an article about its renovation). Their amazing Impressionist Collection in the Fisher Art Gallery really got me excited about painting in France.

Jo Myers-Walker's booth at the 2014 Linn Creek Arts Festival

My booth under the shade trees
(on the grounds of the Fisher Community Center)

Sculptures at the Fisher Community Center in Marshalltown

Christian Petersen’s final sculpture, “A Dedication to the Future,” is showcased in a pond on the grounds

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