Runestone and a watchful eye

Replica of the Jelling runestone marks Rouen's Viking history

Replica of a Viking runestone
next to St. Ouen’s Church, Rouen

Near the Church of St. Ouen, a replica of a runestone commemorates Rouen’s Viking history. Vikings (some of my ancestors maybe?) took over the city of Rouen many times and went home in the winter. Then they got smart and appreciated the soil and easier climate, and settled here.

The Church of St. Ouen, a Gothic building started in the 14th century, is well-supplied with gargoyles to watch over things. Gargoyles seem to be everywhere around Rouen — on St. Ouen’s, Rouen Cathedral, the hall of justice — pretty scary at night!

View of the medieval Gothic Church of St. Ouen in Rouen

View of St. Ouen’s with flying buttress outlined against the sky

Row of gargoyles on St. Ouen's Church, Rouen

Those projections along the walkway are a row of gargoyles, keeping an eye on passers-by

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