Rouen shops

Dame Cakes in Rouen housed in former ironworks artist’s workshop

Outside Dame Cakes building
on rue St. Romain

We enjoyed lunch at Dame Cakes tea shop (link to Google-translated page), housed in the former workshop of Ferdinand Marrou (link to Google-translated page), an artist in ironworks who created the tower on the Cathedral.

Shopkeepers in Rouen are proud of their products, truly individual like a signature of who they are. We say Bonjour and so do they when we come into their shop. They are very respectful and do not hard-sell but let you absorb the amazing displays. When we leave they say Au revoir, or good-bye and have a nice journey. Much grace and you always speak quietly, especially in a cafe — no hurrying about, but enjoying the down time.

I had my first hat fitting with a delightful milliner on rue St. Nicolas (La Boutique De Maman), and had a wool hat made to cover my ears for winter. She even gave me a beret in trade for a painting!

Milliner fitting a hat on rue St. Nicolas in Rouen

The hat designer at work

Hats at lovely Rouen shop

An inviting selection
at the milliner’s shop

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