Watercolor sketches at Summerset

Mural showing vineyard scene at Summerset Winery, Indianola, IA

Murals on the walls at Summerset Winery
celebrate the seasons of the vineyard.

Class watching Jo Myers-Walker demonstrate painting technique at Summerset Winery

Class members using the overhead mirror to watch me paint. (Photo courtesy of Dianne Liepa)

Jo Myers-Walker showing painting technique at Summerset Winery with demonstration mirror overhead

Using (and trying not to bump) my new demonstration mirror. I used my technique of painting on plastic to show color dominance and values.
(Photo courtesy of Dianne Liepa)

We had a wonderful turnout for last week’s workshop at Summerset Winery, 17 students, strong painters. “Watercolor Sketches and Beyond” emphasized drawing and composing in our journals to start with. Each student received a journal with worksheets that they could follow along. The focus was on composition and planning, finding story, mood and sense of place before starting to paint — like a road map, so people can enjoy the painting experience, not having to fix as much.

I designed my new overhead demonstration mirror just before the workshop so that this size of group could watch me paint. The mirror is Plexiglas reinforced with wood slats, held up for the time being with a fence post and tape! It’s portable and fits into my car. I just need to make it taller so I can stand under it and work.

We had a rainy day at the winery so we painted a still life with flowers and wine by the window overlooking the vineyard. You could just feel the earth ready to pop out the buds on the grape vines.

Still life tableau, sketch and paintings from workshop at Summerset Winery, Indianola, IA

Still life for a rainy day. with a favorite white wine. We observed the cylinders on perspective from standing above and at eye level; flowers, glasses, buildings and bottles have form disclosed by light and shadow.
(Photo at left courtesy of Dianne Liepa, and that’s her watercolor “in progress” at far right)

Students' watercolor paintings of still life from workshop at Summerset Winery

Students’ watercolors from the workshop. We were working with perspective, balance and proportion. I talked about Mary’s good composition and depth (at left), and “following the whites” in Katharine’s work (at right).

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