New fabrics for the Festival (updated)

Curtain and pillow digitally printed with watercolor paintings by Jo Myers-Walker

Left:  Curtain with farm house scene with chickens
(you can have up to 4 chickens in Iowa City, with a permit!)
Right:  Folks enjoying sitting outside near Prairie Lights

Update:  I didn’t have a booth on Sunday, June 5, due to a storm on Saturday that blew over the tent, breaking the frame. With the help of many wonderful people we moved the artwork to safety and did not lose much to the rain. More of the story (with photos) soon!

Earlier post:
This is my fourth year with a booth at the Iowa Arts Festival, June 3–5 in downtown Iowa City. This festival really got me acquainted with the arts and writing community here. Everyone is an artist or writer it seems. Folks just value it and do it.

New for this year’s festival:  my watercolors digitally printed on pillows and curtains! The curtains are for windows, walls or showers — I’m pleased with how the colors and textures came through in these printed works of art.

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